Episode 89: Best Practices for Amazon Sellers on Prime Day 2023

Mastering Prime Day 2023: Unlocking Winning Strategies for Sellers

Unlock the Secrets to Boosting Sales, Optimizing Campaigns, and Dominating Prime Day with Expert Guidance

Get ahead of the competition and maximize your sales during Prime Day by implementing winning strategies discussed in the April 2023 roundtable. Optimize your listings, update images and pricing, and run effective PPC campaigns. Explore off-Amazon marketing tactics like engaging social media graphics and impactful email blasts. Take advantage of top promotional strategies such as prime exclusive discounts, coupon clippings, promo codes, and lightning deals. Leverage various on and off-Amazon tactics, including Amazon posts, Amazon Live, social media posts, email blasts, and collaborations with influencers. Increase your PPC budgets, adjust bids, and maintain visibility throughout Prime Day. Don’t miss the opportunity to effectively leverage the Prime Day audience. Prepare with confidence and make the most of this highly anticipated sales event.

Looking to maximize your Prime Day sales Optimize your listings explore off-Amazon marketing tactics and take advantage of top promotional strategies to stay ahead of the competition
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