How to Use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Coupon Clippings to Attract New Customers and Boost Sales

Amazon Introduces Subscribe & Save Coupons

New feature lets customers save money on eligible products

Amazon’s introduction of subscribe and save coupons is a major update for subscribe and save brands, aiming to boost subscriptions and customer lifetime value. These coupons are accessible through the coupon dashboard under the advertising tab. Users can customize the coupon by specifying the discount type (percentage or dollar off), duration, and budget. The coupon appears as an orange badge with the message “save an extra $X on your first subscribe and save order,” but it can only be used for subscriptions, not regular purchases.

The possibility of combining these subscribe and save coupons with prime exclusive discounts is currently being tested for potential use during Prime Day. The effectiveness of percentage off versus dollar off coupons should be tested, although dollar off coupons are generally preferred due to simplicity. The discount range for subscribe and save coupons spans from 5% to a maximum of 50%.

Tracking the performance of these coupons can be done through the coupon clipping dashboard, but evaluating their impact on subscriber acquisition requires monitoring subscription numbers. Comparing the percentage increase in subscriptions during the coupon period to regular months helps gauge the effectiveness of the coupons. Employing this strategy for all subscribe and save products can greatly enhance customer acquisition and subscription rates.

What benefits can be unlocked and how can subscriptions be supercharged with Amazon's groundbreaking Subscribe and Save Coupons
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