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Episode 99: Overcoming Amazon Seller Support Issues with Seller Candy

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that dealing with seller support can be a nightmare. Long wait times, unhelpful answers, and policies that restrict your ability to edit listings can leave you feeling frustrated and powerless.
But don’t worry, there is a solution. Seller Candy is a team of dedicated account managers who can handle all your Amazon seller support issues so you don’t have to. They have experience working for Amazon seller support, so they know the ins and outs of the system and can get issues resolved quickly and easily.

Episode 87: Unleashing the Power of PR: How Amazon Sellers Can Build Brand Equity and Boost Sales with Strategic Public Relations

Using PR can be an effective tool for Amazon businesses that want to launch new products and increase sales through promotions. By carefully timing press releases and securing media coverage, PR can generate excitement and increase visibility, creating a sense of urgency that can drive sales. Additionally, optimizing product listings with better language, visuals, and keywords can improve conversions and search rankings, while partnering with a PR agency with clear objectives and regular communication can help ensure a successful campaign with long-lasting effects.

Episode 86: Maintaining Brand Reputation: Effective Strategies for Retailers to Thrive Alongside Amazon

The guide provides effective strategies for retailers to maintain their brand reputation while thriving alongside Amazon. These strategies include maintaining consistent pricing, updating product content, limiting third-party sellers, and responding professionally to negative reviews. Retailers can also consider selling directly to Amazon and offering convenient shopping options to succeed in the changing retail landscape. The guide is the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs looking to build a successful business while coexisting with Amazon.

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