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Episode 65: What’s New on Amazon October 2021 with Jenna

What’s New On Amazon October 2021? To create more room for your products as we approach the holiday season, we’ve made changes to automated inventory removal. Automated removal of aged inventory can help you save on long-term storage fees and improve your Inventory Performance Index score. It also frees up space in our fulfillment centers for more of your popular inventory.

5 Areas to Outsource in your Amazon FBA Business

If you’re an Amazon FBA business entrepreneur and you’ve managed to create a brand and a community that continues to grow, it will eventually become the case where you can’t do it all and do it all well.


Key Roles You Need for Your eCommerce Store’s Marketing Team

Make no mistake: just because your Amazon business operates through the internet doesn’t mean you won’t need to invest in a good marketing team. In fact, research has found that 90 percent of online businesses fail within the first 120 days – mainly due to “Poor online marketing performance coupled with an overall lack of search engine visibility.” With hundreds of thousands


Blog Post What’s New On Amazon: February 2021 Recap

What’s New On Amazon February 2021 Recap February was a big month for brands on Amazon!  Are you up to date on all things Amazon? Here is the latest:  Bring on the split tests! Amazon expanded their experiment options further and you can now split test your main image through Amazon. This is a huge development because the main image


Blog Post What’s New On Amazon: January 2021 Recap

What’s New On Amazon January 2021 Recap Before we get into the month of January wrap up, we want to start by saying we hope you are off and running in the New Year toward an increase in sales! 2020 was certainly a wild ride, but 2021 has already proven to be taking a turn in a positive direction for

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