Episode 88: The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling on Amazon: Tips and Best Practices from a Legal Expert

Amazon Suspension Specialist Leo Vaisburg Shares Essential Tips for Avoiding Legal Issues on the Platform

Learn how to stay compliant with Amazon’s policies, provide excellent customer service, and establish a reputable brand with insights from Leo, an expert in preventing Amazon suspensions.

Leo, a specialist in Amazon suspensions (Amazon Suspension Lawyer), advises sellers to carefully review Amazon’s policies before listing their products to avoid suspension and legal issues. As drop-shipping services and other passive income schemes are prohibited on Amazon, it is essential for sellers to conduct due diligence before starting any business models that may conflict with Amazon’s policies. Additionally, it is important for sellers to have a good understanding of the platform’s expectations to avoid logistical issues related to order fulfillment that can lead to performance issues and suspension.

He emphasizes the significance of providing excellent customer service and addressing buyer concerns promptly to avoid negative reviews and agency claims that could impact a seller’s performance. To establish a reputable brand, sellers should focus on providing quality post-purchase customer and tech support, particularly if they sell tech products. Furthermore, Leo mentions Amazon’s arbitration process, which serves as a faster and more exclusive dispute resolution mechanism between Amazon and sellers.

To succeed as an Amazon seller, it is crucial to be familiar with Amazon’s policies and take responsibility for understanding and adhering to them. By avoiding dubious practices, offering exceptional customer service, and building a trustworthy brand, sellers can expand their business on Amazon.

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