Blog Post What’s New On Amazon: February 2021 Recap

What's New On Amazon February 2021 Recap

February was a big month for brands on Amazon! 

Are you up to date on all things Amazon? Here is the latest: 

  • Bring on the split tests! Amazon expanded their experiment options further and you can now split test your main image through Amazon. This is a huge development because the main image is such a driver for your conversion rate. 
  • Promotional codes are up, in placements that is. Promotional codes are no longer featured below the fold but instead can be found near coupon clippings which should help with overall conversions for the strategy. 
  • FBA New Selection program is expanding! Starting April 1, 2021, for up to 30 units per parent ASIN, and will provide free storage for up to 90 days and free removals for up to 180 days for eligible oversized items. In addition, this will include promotional credits for sponsored ads and a lift on the 500 ASIN limit.
  • Advertising will now be in a single dashboard providing a centralized solution for advertisers, agencies, and tool providers that manage multiple sponsored ad advertising accounts.

Are you having a tough time keeping up with these updates and taking advantage of them? Our team can help! Reach out to us about different opportunities for you and your team by going to!

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