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A private Growth Strategy Implementation Accelerator for Amazon sellers that want to grow to 6-Figures and 7-Figures by automating their processes to acquire customers at profit and scale

Strategies Up To Date As Of September 2021

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Does your company experience this problem?

Are you an Amazon seller with proven products?

You may have even hit 6 or 7-figures and want to scale to multiple 7-figures...

But have hit a plateau.

We see this all the time with our High Ticket consulting clients...

The solution is to figure out how to acquire customers at profit and scale.

At TurnKey Product Management, we've PROVEN that we can skyrocket a company's sales on Amazon across tons of different industries with proprietary strategies and systems.

We took one company's sales on Amazon from $200k per month to over $750k per month within months of working with them.

Here's one client's stats in a SINGLE DAY:

If you're wondering if these results are repeatable... They are.

Here's What You Will Experience Inside Our Amazon Growth Strategy Accelerator:

Amazon Growth Strategy Course - Lifetime Access
($4500 Value)

TurnKey Inner Circle Group Coaching - 3 Months Access
($300 Value)

Bonus #1 : One-On-One 20-Minute Product Listing Optimization Audit Call
($​ 197 Value)

Bonus #2 : Inner Circle Coaching Recordings
($392 Value)

Bonus #3 : The Recurring Growth Tasks Checklist
($247 Value)

Enrollment Is Limited:

We can only accept a limited number of people each month... if you want over $5483 of value for one LOW PRICE order TODAY!!

Here's What Others Are SAYING...

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I happened to find this program right as I was getting ready to launch my first product on Amazon…

...I would definitely recommended it to anybody.


New Amazon Seller

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My highest endorsement is to Jeff Lieber over at TurnKey Product Management. I've been hoping for many years that there would be somebody who came to this space who actually got Amazon and could do a good job of managing clients. Jeff is definitely the best that I've seen.

Ryan Moran

Serial Entrepreneur,

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I signed up with the one-on-one coaching and it has been, by far, the best decision I've ever made with my Amazon career...My conversion rate improve conversion rates went up from 10-15% to over 20%!


Owner, Pet Health Brand

This Is Your Chance... To Get The, Exact Growth Strategies We Implement Every Day For Our High Ticket, Full-Service Consulting Clients

Join The TurnKey Growth Strategies on Amazon Accelerator

Get $5,680 In Value For:

Only $1497 ​$999

Don't Wait To Sign Up And Lock-In This Amazing Price Right Now!

Jeff Lieber, Founder

TurnKey Product Management

Meet Our Founding Amazon Expert...

Jeff began selling on Amazon while launching his own product brands in the pet and baby industries. He began seeing impressive results by developing unique strategies to mastering Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising, keyword research and optimization, inventory fulfillment, review strategies and listing optimization.

After growing and selling his businesses, Jeff began consulting with other brands and training a team of Amazon Experts.

Today, Turnkey Product Management has helped hundreds of 7-figure and 8-figure brands on Amazon.

Here are a few strategies included in this program:

And Bonus Lessons Covering:

Every single strategy comes with a VIDEO, WORKSHEET, and a DETAILED SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that anyone on your team can plug it into your business for growth! See what they look like:


Take a moment and consider the cost of NOT implementing these strategies that have been PROVEN to profitably scale Amazon sales...


We love seeing businesses like yours utilize our tools and strategies from our Growth Strategies on Amazon Course program, to really take their Amazon sales to the next level. That is why we offer you a 100% money back guarantee! If you follow our simple step-by-step trainings and do not get the value out of it you were expecting and/or you are not fully satisfied with your results or your experience while using our program. Simply email: [email protected] before your 30-day test-drive is over and you will be completely refunded.

*The 30-day period starts from the first day that you get access to Module 1. Please keep in mind, a refund means you no longer have access to the modules you’ve already received or any future benefits such as the Roundtable Vault, listing optimization calls, or Roundtable group calls.


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"[Jeff] had some really amazing insights into some things I could do on really help increase awareness of my traffic...and build sales...I applied it to my business and I was amazed...The trainings provide so much value and I'm excited to see where they take our Amazon business next."

Georgie Mayhew

Owner, Yoga Brand

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"TurnKey Product Management has tremendously helped our brand, EcoQube, succeed and grow...We decided to buy TurnKey's full course so we could train [our in-house] team quickly...we also joined TurnKey's Inner Circle...allow[ing] us to learn in weeks what we would learn in a few months, or even years, if at all...we couldn't achieve this kind of success as quickly without the help of TurnKey."

Rax Alvarez

Head of Sales, Aqua Design Innovation

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"Jeff and his team… optimized our keywords… started running our Amazon PPC and freed up 5 – 10 hours a week of my time… helped optimize our follow up process which resulted in more organic reviews and higher rankings… Turnkey Product Management is Awesome and they REALLY know what they are doing."

Kevin Liang

Founder, Aqua Design Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TurnKey’s Growth Strategy Recurring Tasks Checklist That Lets You Delegate Any Strategy To Any Team Member
  • The 1-Minute Change On Your Listing That Can Instantly Increase Your Profits and Scalability
  • 3 Promotions to Maximize Conversions and Sales
  • Optimize Autoresponders to Increase Open Rates, Add Value and Boost 5-Star Reviews
  • The Amazon Promotion You Need to Run to Gain Extra Traffic
  • Everything You Need to Do to Crush Major Holiday Sales (Prime Day, Black Friday, Etc..)
  • Promotions That Take Your Influence to the Next Level
  • Increase Predictable Recurring Revenue with Multiple Subscribe & Save Strategies
  • How to Make Lightning Deals Work For Your Business
  • And Much More!

The TurnKey Growth Strategies on Amazon Accelerator will grow your sales and save you time by giving you everything you need to implement our profitable systems and strategies.

Any business with an existing Amazon channel will benefit from implementing our proven growth strategy systems.

Yes! Every strategy covered in this program will also apply to Amazon sellers internationally.

We want to make sure that every single person in the accelerator program has all the resources and support they need to implement our proven Amazon strategies. After we hit 50 people we will be closing the accelerator program down permanently.

We are so confident that your business will benefit from the TurnKey Systems for Amazon that we guarantee it! If, within the first 30 days, you are not happy with the program or are not seeing the results you expected, we will gladly refund you 100% of your payment.

Reserve your space in the accelerator by purchasing the product on this page. You will then get instant access to our Growth Strategy course, as well as instructions for scheduling your listing audit, and information about Inner Circle group coaching.

In the past year, TurnKey’s CEO and Founder Jeff Lieber figured out a way to supercharge the Profitable Amazon Giveaways Strategy that got amazing sales growth for our clients.

We promised all of our clients we would do the strategy on a weekly basis, and then when Jeff went on a previously scheduled vacation for 2 weeks, we quickly realized nobody else on the team knew how to implement that strategy and so they couldn’t do it.

When Jeff got back, he realized the strategy was only in his head, so he recorded a video of himself implementing it, and made it into a written standard operating procedure that now anyone on our team can do it!

That was when we realized the importance of standard operating procedures and systems.

So Jeff assembled our entire Amazon Marketing Team and gave them 90 days to systematize each step of every strategy that’s working to grow sales for our clients.

And by the time they were done, they had documented well over 10 specific Amazon growth strategies, and then we asked a couple of brand new team members who have 0 experience on the Amazon marketing side of things to see if they could follow the steps and implement them, and they did it successfully, and so we knew this would help a lot of companies.

By the way, the Supercharged Profitable Amazon Giveaway is included in this program!

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Only $1497 ​$999

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DISCLAIMER: Results will vary for everyone, and the results shown on our website are only the results of select individuals. While we cannot guarantee any specific results or sales figures, what we can guarantee is your satisfaction with our training. We give you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee on the products we sell, so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our training, just ask for your money back.

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