Episode 23: How To Get More Sales By Understanding Amazon’s A9 Ranking Algorithm

Today we are covering the A9 Ranking Algorithm. Is your product listing ranking the way it should? If not, listen in to hear what you might be missing so that you can start ranking TODAY! Join us as our Client Services Director, Jenna Lieber, covers all the factors that you need to know about. This is a lot of information covered in the episode. For

Episode 22: Sales Copy Secret Sauce

Today’s episode we are going through the do’s and do not’s of sales copy. Many brands just slap up a list of features and expect the listing to convert. No, no, no. There’s so much that goes into crafting compelling copy on your listing, and it’s worth investing a bit of time into getting it right! Listen in as Jeff shares how we help clients

Episode 21: Biggest Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make with Jessica Dahlquist

Our client success team at TurnKey have talked to hundreds of Amazon sellers, all with pain points keeping them from reaching their sales goals on this platform. While each situation is unique, there are common threads that unite Amazon sellers and today’s episode is chatting with a member of our Client Success Team, Jessica Dahlquist. She’s sharing what these common pain points are, what recommendations

Episode 18: How To Maximize Amazon Holiday Sales In Q4 With Jenna Lieber

Today on the show we are talking about making the most of Amazon holiday sales in Q4. Epic sales in Q4 don’t happen by accident. It takes planning, intention, and strategy to achieve chart topping sales, and Jenna Lieber from TurnKey Product Management is chatting with Jeff today about how she is helping clients prep for Q4. Are you doing the strategies she mentions? Minute

Episode 17: How To Get Amazon Customer Reviews Now With Jenna

Today we are talking how to get customer reviews. The landscape of Amazon has changed dramatically when it comes to getting reviews and remaining compliant, but never fear, we are here to offer you tangible strategies to get more customer reviews on your listings. Jeff is chatting with TurnKey Client Manager, Jenna Lieber, about how she is helping her clients everyday in their pursuit of

Episode 16: Best Tips for Achieving Massive Growth on Amazon from Bradley Sutton of Helium 10

Today’s episode is with Bradley Sutton of Helium 10. He’s a massive seller who has launched over 400 products on Amazon. His selling success got him noticed by Helium 10, and now he works with them to help companies to really thrive on Amazon. Bradley shares very graciously about his selling experience and a few strategies that have really been game changers for sellers. It’s

Episode 15: Are you a fit for Seller Fulfilled Prime? – Playbook for Amazon

On today’s episode of the podcast, Jeff is sharing all about Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime option, which is the perfect fulfillment option for some businesses who weren’t a perfect fit for FBA. He walks you through who SFP is good for, how to sign up, and more. Do you use SFP? Minute Markers: 1:35- Why we recommend FBA for most products 2:15- Reasons FBA may