Episode 42: What’s New on Amazon? What you NEED to Know About Autoresponders

In today’s episode, Jenna is covering everything you need to know about autoresponders and updates Amazon has made with in their autoresponder policies. Do you have an autoresponder in place on Amazon? If you do, make sure you are following the rules! Minute Markers:  :45- Changes in Autoresponder TOS 1:00- What are autoresponders 1:40- What happens if you break the guidelines? 2:11- No external links

Episode 41: Amazon Sales Trends Post Coronavirus: Interview with Greg Mercer from Jungle Scout

Most every Amazon seller uses Jungle Scout, and today Jeff is chatting with Jungle Scout founder, Greg Mercer. They discuss Greg’s unique background that led him to Amazon, how the idea of Jungle Scout came to be, sales info for how Amazon is faring during the pandemic, and overall tips and insights for thriving in 2020. Minute Markers:  2:00- Greg’s background 4:45- Is Greg still

Podcast Episode 40 : What’s New on Amazon May 2020 with Jenna

Today we are hearing from Jenna about what’s been going on with Amazon in the past month. Crazy times for sellers around the globe, but we are here to help! Minute Markers: 0:24 – 1:29 – New Repeat Buyer Analytics on Amazon 1:29 – 2:02 – What To Do With This New Information 2:03 – 3:03 – Amazon Storefront (Expressing Your Brand’s Personality) 3:03 –

Episode 39: How To Use Amazon Wholesale, Amazon Merch To Diversify During The Coronavirus: Jeff Interviews Carlos Alvarez

This week, Jeff is interviewing Amazon legend Carlos Alvarez. Carlos has been selling for 14 years himself, and now coaches sellers as well as leads the largest meetup group in the world. He’s full of wisdom when it comes to helping his clients through Covid-19, using Amazon Live, hiring, and more. You’re going to want to take notes on this one! Minute Markers: 3:45- Short

Episode 38: Coronavirus Amazon Update: Jeff Lieber and Max Kerwick Give Sellers The Latest

Today, Max Kerwick from Brand Builder Podcast is here chatting with me about the Coronavirus impact on Sellers, our best tips for building your brand during a pandemic, and more. This is for anyone stressed about surviving this crazy time. If you do it right, it can actually be a wake up call for your business and you can end up stronger than ever. Minute

Episode 36: Ezra Firestone Interview: How To Hire and Train a Team To Grow Off Of Amazon, Part 2

Today, Ezra Firestone is back chatting with Jeff all about his tips for building a strong team, what he thinks is next for e-commerce, and more. We can’t get enough of Ezra’s wisdom and we’re so grateful for all the resources he’s created for e-commerce entrepreneurs and marketers. If you like what you hear, please give this show a shoutout on social media! Minute Markers: 

Episode 35: What’s New on Amazon in 2020 with Jenna Lieber

What’s new on Amazon this month? Have you tried out Super URL’s and are you aware of Helium10’s Gems to help you? We are loving Dynamic bidding with PPC for our clients. We’ve also had great results with Amazon’s IP accelerator, helping our clients get their trademarks approved and our newest client using Vine reviews has received 10 reviews from the program in a week!

Episode 34: How to Sell Your Business for Maximum Value with Broker Coran Woodmass

Today we are lucky enough to sit down with FBA Business Broker, Coran Woodmass. He is a successful business broker with lots of tips on how to prepare to sell your business and how to get max value! He’s a wealth of knowledge and it’s a fantastic conversation. Minute Markers 4:40- Coran’s professional background 8:35- Advice for getting started on Amazon (acquiring a business) 10:00-

Episode 33: Counterfeiters and Coming Back from Low Sales Live Coaching Call with Paul Fertitta

Ever wonder what it’s like to get coaching from an Amazon expert? Our live coaching call with Amazon seller Paul Fertitta will give you a behind the scenes look at the type of coaching we offer at TurnKey. Coaching is completely customized based on the client’s needs, questions, and struggles, and while we covered certain topics in our live call with Courtney Lee (Episode 26),