Episode 34: How to Sell Your Business for Maximum Value with Broker Coran Woodmass

Today we are lucky enough to sit down with FBA Business Broker, Coran Woodmass. He is a successful business broker with lots of tips on how to prepare to sell your business and how to get max value! He’s a wealth of knowledge and it’s a fantastic conversation. Minute Markers 4:40- Coran’s professional background 8:35- Advice for getting started on Amazon (acquiring a business) 10:00-

Episode 33: Counterfeiters and Coming Back from Low Sales Live Coaching Call with Paul Fertitta

Ever wonder what it’s like to get coaching from an Amazon expert? Our live coaching call with Amazon seller Paul Fertitta will give you a behind the scenes look at the type of coaching we offer at TurnKey. Coaching is completely customized based on the client’s needs, questions, and struggles, and while we covered certain topics in our live call with Courtney Lee (Episode 26),

Episode 31: What’s New on Amazon in 2020 with Jenna Lieber

We are so excited to bring you a new series on the Playbook for Amazon Podcast. On the last Wednesday of the month, we’ll be sharing “What’s new on Amazon?” with Client Management Director Jenna Lieber. She’s going to share all the most critical new information you need to know to succeed on Amazon. It’s a fast paced, educational episode, so make sure you have

Episode 30: How To Add Kickstarter Crowdfunding Launches To Your Business: Interview with Will Ford of Launchboom

Our guest is Will Ford, founder of Launchboom, the most successful company there is for running successful crowdfunding campaigns. Today he shares with us his background in business, how he got into the crowdfunding space, and his advice for those wanting to successfully run a campaign. He holds nothing back and if you are ever in a place where you want to know more about

Episode 28: Setting Amazon Goals for the New Year in 2020

In today’s episode, TurnKey founder Jeff Lieber is discussing how he sets goals at the beginning of a new year. He talks about what works well for his goal setting and what hasn’t worked as well that he’s learned from. We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year. Minute Markers: 1:30- The act of writing down goals 4:30- Writing plans for achieving goals

Episode 26: Live Coaching Call with Prymal Coffee Creamer Founder Courtney Lee

Today’s guest is Courtney Lee, founder of the Prymal Coffee Creamer. Courtney is an extraordinary entrepreneur and her brand story is incredible. While she has an awesome product, she’s just getting on Amazon and she sought out Jeff at a Backroom event because she knew she needed some expert guidance.  So today, Jeff and Jenna Lieber are hopping on a live coaching call with Courtney,

Episode 25: Showing Gratitude for Your Customers to Maximize Sales

Sometimes selling can feel like you are only focused on moving product. But customers aren’t just interested in the product. They want to feel like they are seen, heard, and contributing to something bigger. Today we are talking about how you can show gratitude to your customers. When they feel like they aren’t just another number, they are more likely to return to purchase, tell

Episode 23: How To Get More Sales By Understanding Amazon’s A9 Ranking Algorithm

Today we are covering the A9 Ranking Algorithm. Is your product listing ranking the way it should? If not, listen in to hear what you might be missing so that you can start ranking TODAY! Join us as our Client Services Director, Jenna Lieber, covers all the factors that you need to know about. This is a lot of information covered in the episode. For

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