Episode 54: Q4 Amazon PPC Advertising Must-Dos

Today, we are helping you to totally crush it with your ads in Q4. Q4 advertising differs from the rest of the year, and if you’re paying attention, you can really see a big impact on your sales. You’ll also get to hear from our Ad Manager Neelie, who is passionate about helping our clients in Q4. We really stress DSP usage, and if you

Episode 53: Amazon Videos that Convert with Rob Burns

Today we are talking all about videos that convert on Amazon. We are a huge difference in the conversion numbers between sellers that use video and those who do not. But what videos work best for converting a customer to buy? Our guest Rob Burns from Video Telepathy is here to tell you all about how his video production company helps Amazon sellers create professional

Episode 52: How to Prep for the Holidays on Amazon

Is your brand ready for the holidays? This is bound to the biggest year of online sales ever and today Jenna and Amanda are discussing how you can prep to totally crush it during the holidays. Minute Markers:  1:50- Why the holiday season should be a focus for you 2:53- How to take advantage of new prime shoppers 3:30- Cutoff information and setting up coupon

Episode 51: How to Cure Seasonal Product Dips

Today we are chatting about a common problem sellers face when they have seasonal products. Just because a majority of your sales come during a specific timeframe, it doesn’t mean the rest of the year needs to be a wash. Jeff is giving you some great ideas of how to utilize the full year as a business owner. Minute Markers:  1:00- What if you’re in

Episode 50: Use Amazon Customer Returns To Your Advantage

Episode 50: Use Amazon Customer Returns To Your Advantage How can customer returns actually be used to your advantage? Tune in today to find out! Minute Markers:  :50- How to find customer return info 2:30- Look at the info to address customer complaints 3:30- When should you pull inventory? 3:57- How address bad customer experiences and returns? 5:00- Listen to customer pain points Have you

Episode 49: Amazon Updates That Will Gave an Impact on your Q4

What do you need to know going into Q4? Jenna is here to give you all the latest updates! Minute Markers:  1:45-Rumors about Amazon moving prime day again? 2:10- What to do if Prime day gets moved again? 3:55- Changes to Amazon IPI 4:00- Product limit changes 5:15- Do you have asana or reminders set up to check updates in your account? 5:30- Good NEWS!

Episode 48: Is Prime Day Moving Again?

On today’s episode, we’re covering the topic on everyone’s mind… is Prime day moving again????? Minute Markers:  :50- Coupon clipping recommendations 3:27- coupe clipping rules 4:04- Prime exclusive discount rules 4:35- Price trailing to qualify 5:20- Lead up coupons and Prime day coupon logistics 6:20- Make sure to plan your inventory through the rest of Q4 Have you considered hiring an expert to help accelerate

Episode 47: Creating Virtual Bundles and Increasing the Customer Value

Today Jenna is sharing about a new Brand Registry feature that allows sellers to virtually bundle their products. This is incredible because you don’t have to physically bundle them yourself and create a whole new UPC code. Amazon does the logistical work. What you will need to do is create a new listing for the bundle, but we’ll share why it is worth the effort

Episode 46: How to Be Proactive with Amazon Counterfeiters and Hijackers

Hijackers and Counterfeiters are a BIG issue for sellers. Jenna and Amanda are sharing TurnKey’s best tips for combatting these issues and how to be proactive in the face of losing the buybox. Minute Markers: 1:10- The problem with counterfeiters and listing hijackers 2:31- TurnKey’s approach to hijackers 4:15- What role does brand registry play in helping in this area? 5:15- What is the report

Episode 45: Optimize Your Amazon Listing for Mobile

Today, Jeff is talking about optimizing your listing for mobile. Many sellers who make their listings on a standard computer don’t consider looking at how the listing appears on mobile. And given that a majority of Amazon sales are coming from phone purchases, this is a huge missed opportunity. Take a listen to what you should be looking for on mobile. Minute Markers: :43- Why

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