Episode 65: What’s New on Amazon October 2021 with Jenna

What’s New On Amazon October 2021? To create more room for your products as we approach the holiday season, we’ve made changes to automated inventory removal. Automated removal of aged inventory can help you save on long-term storage fees and improve your Inventory Performance Index score. It also frees up space in our fulfillment centers for more of your popular inventory.

Episode 62: Getting Seller Funding with AccrueMe

Are you someone that wants to get into the Amazon game, but funding is an issue, you want to listen in on Jeff’s conversation with some of the guys from AccrueMe. They have a unique model and if you need cash in your business, they have some interesting alternatives. Show Notes: https://www.accrueme.com/ Free calculator: www.accrueme.com to see if you qualify for the capital and for

Episode 59: Steps to Uncommon Success with John Lee Dumas

Today our guest is the legendary, John Lee Dumas. Host of the EO Fire podcast and wearer of many entrepreneurial hats, JLD has become a household mentor to entrepreneurs everywhere. Today we’re talking about his background, his path and tips for uncommon success, his podcast and work schedule, and his brand new book available for pre-order. Minute Markers: 1:50- Background on JLD 5:09- How to

Episode 58: What’s New on Amazon January 2021

Today we’re getting you up to speed with what’s new on Amazon in January 2021. Don’t miss it! Minute Markers:  1:26- Amazon removed customer review response option 2:35- Inventory threshold changes 3:55- Storage limits for new sellers 4:45- Improving IPI score 6:20- Bulk upload images  7:00- Pricing limitations from Amazon For free resources and trainings that can grow your business, go to: TurnKeyProductManagement.com/resource Have you joined

Episode 57: How to Scale and Grow Profitability on Amazon with Feedback Whiz’s Henson Wu

Today we’re airing the audio from a webinar Jeff did with Feedback Whiz back at the end of 2020. He and Henson Wu will share all about their best tips for scaling your Amazon business, increasing profitability, and they’ll answer questions live on the call. This should give you the boost you need to take 2021 by storm! Have you considered hiring an expert to

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