What’s New on Amazon March 2022 with Jenna

Amazon Prime Day is the retailer’s biggest traffic event of the summer, essentially Christmas in July. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make the most of Prime Day 2022, check out our March Roundtable! 

First Sneak Peek into Prime Day 2022

  • First piece of information on Prime Day 2022 so far, all shipments must be checked in by June 20th 
      • In our experience it can take almost a month for Prime Day inventory to get checked in since everyone is sending it in 
      • Our recommendation would be sending inventory in by May 20th to ensure your inventory arrives on time 
  • Promotion Information 
      • So far, the only thing we know is some accounts will start to see lightning deals and 7 day deals open up for them
      • If eligible you should start to see these in the deals tab now until April 29th 
      • Based on our experience we always suggest book the deal now and figure it out as Prime Day approaches, you are not locked into these deals 
      • With prices changing daily and the supply chain up in the air start to examine your margins and see what you are able to do promotion wise for Prime Day 
  • Other Items to Consider 
    • Get listings optimized NOW, an A/B test through Amazon Experiments takes 4 weeks to 10 weeks depending on your choosing use this time wisely 
    • Get graphics for Amazon Store, Email Blasts, and Social Media created a head of time 
    • Line up marketing opportunities like influencers and internal efforts now

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