What’s New on Amazon February 2022 with Jenna

Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer is a powerful tool for both entrepreneurs and marketers to use because it offers insights on how to make a profit by taking into account different factors such as customer demand and popularity of products.

Opportunity Explorer is a tool to explore customer demand for new product ideas.

Opportunity Explorer allows you to understand Amazon customer search and purchasing behavior to evaluate if there is unmet customer demand, and an opportunity for you to meet that demand through new products. You can explore up-to-date and accurate data on customer needs and the current selection on Amazon.

Within each niche, Opportunity Explorer gauges the following insights:

  • Search volume
  • Click rates
  • Sales history
  • Pricing trends
  • We can use this to broaden our keyword research, competitor research for a given keyword, and niche research and apply accordingly to our listings!

To access this tool, go to Opportunity Explorer or navigate in the Menu to Growth > Product Opportunity Explorer.

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