What’s New on Amazon April 2022 with Jenna

Amazon Prime Day is the retailer’s biggest traffic event of the summer, essentially Christmas in July. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make the most of Prime Day 2022, check out our April Roundtable! 

Prime Dates to Know

  • April 29th- All Lightning Deals must be scheduled 
  • June 10th- All Coupon Clippings must be scheduled 
    • To schedule a coupon clipping please use the placeholder dates 9/14/22-9/17/22 
    • Amazon then will adjust the coupon clipping to the Prime Day dates 
    • The coupon must be 20% off in order to qualify 
  • Two Weeks Prior to Prime Day- Prime Exclusive Discount must be scheduled 
    • Sometime this month you will start to see a box that asks “Is this a Prime Day Discount?”
    • The discount must be 20% off in order to qualify 
  • June 20th- All FBA Inventory must be checked in 
  • Prime Day
    • TurnKey does not know when Prime Day is but our assumption is it will either fall at the end of June or the second week of July 

You still have plenty of time to get ready with PPC, but here are the items to consider:

  • Increase campaign budgets to ensure our best performing campaigns and brand defense last throughout Prime Day 
  • Increase PPC & DSP bids on best performing targets. Auction competition increases on these days!
  • Full funnel approach to maximize exposure – we will implement medium-risk and upper funnel targets for products you are running promotions on – the increased urgency make prime day conversion rates higher than typical shopping days.
  • DSP – from the influx of shopping activity on prime day we will likely see larger retargeting audiences the following 30 days and we will scale bids and budgets to make the most of the larger audiences.

Still Not Sure How to Launch Products on Amazon?

Use our years of Amazon experience to your advantage. 

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