Episode 93: Unlocking Business Growth: Exploring Funding Options for Amazon Sellers and Leveraging Kick Further’s Unique Marketplace

Kick Further: Revolutionizing Inventory Financing

Kick Further is a unique funding marketplace that provides capital for businesses to produce inventory that they need to sell at a future date.

Many businesses face a cash gap between paying for raw materials or finished goods and receiving the proceeds from sales, especially as they grow. Kick Further offers an inventory financing marketplace to help businesses access capital using inventory as the vehicle.
Besides Kick Further, there are other types of funding options for Amazon sellers to consider. These include Amazon’s collaboration with Goldman Sachs for proactive funding offers to sellers, revenue financing, loans from friends and family, equity raises through venture capitalists, and traditional bank loans or lines of credit. Each option has its own advantages and considerations, such as cost, eligibility, and the value-add provided by the funding source.
When it comes to seasonal fluctuations in demand, sellers should consider partnering with a financing company like Kick Further or planning well in advance. The ideal time to secure financing depends on production and shipping times, ensuring that sellers have enough buffer inventory and can avoid stockouts. Managing cash flow and financial projections is crucial to avoid negative impacts on credit. Sellers should focus on maintaining healthy margins, paying obligations on time, and being realistic about growth and debt.
To leverage Kick Further for rapid inventory turnover and prevent sellouts or fulfillment delays, sellers should plan their orders well in advance based on production and shipping times. It’s important to have enough buffer inventory while avoiding excessive storage fees. Kick Further offers resources on their website for sellers to better manage their inventory and financing needs.
The pandemic has created both challenges and opportunities for financing. While increased strains on the supply chain have led to a higher demand for financing, some businesses have faced difficulties due to changing sales patterns and overstocked inventory. Kick Further primarily focuses on businesses that are confident in their ability to sell through new inventory and facilitate growth.
Take control of your inventory financing and propel your business to new heights with Kickfurther!
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