Episode 95: The Power of Networking and SOPs in E-commerce: A Conversation with Jeff Lieber

Play Video about Jeff Lieber's E-commerce Journey: Power of Networking and SOPs in Scaling Amazon Businesses

Navigating the E-commerce Landscape:

Unveiling the Power of Networking and SOPs for Scaling Amazon Businesses

Today, we have a fascinating conversation with Jeff Lieber, the CEO and founder of Turnkey Product Management, a successful Amazon agency based in San Diego, California. Jeff shares his journey from starting his own brands to exiting them and finally establishing his agency in the ever-changing landscape of Amazon. We’ll explore the importance of networking and the role of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in scaling an e-commerce business. So, let’s dive in!

Getting Started in the Amazon Space:
Jeff Lieber began his journey in the e-commerce world back in 2014, selling his own brands on Amazon. With firsthand experience, he witnessed the continuous evolution of the platform over the years. After exiting his own brands, Jeff founded Turnkey Product Management in 2017, transitioning from a seller to an agency owner.

The Importance of Networking and Partnerships:
Jeff emphasizes the significance of networking and building partnerships in the e-commerce space. He recalls meeting Ryan Moran from Capitalism.com early on, and their friendship led to an official advisory role for Turnkey Product Management. Networking allowed Jeff to learn from others, expand his knowledge base, and foster valuable relationships in the industry.

The Value of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):
SOPs are essential for scaling any business, including e-commerce ventures. Jeff stresses that SOPs streamline operations and enable entrepreneurs to delegate tasks efficiently. A combination of video and written SOPs proves effective in training team members to perform tasks at the same level as the founder. He also emphasizes the need to continuously update and refine SOPs to adapt to changes in the market.

Critical SOPs for Amazon Sellers:
For Amazon sellers, two crucial SOPs are listing optimization and product launch strategies. Many sellers neglect listing optimization, which impacts conversion rates and overall success on the platform. Jeff advises developing a checklist for listing optimization to ensure all components are present. Additionally, a well-structured product launch SOP can lead to more successful product introductions.

Turnkey Product Management’s Services:
Turnkey Product Management offers a range of services to e-commerce brands. For established brands with consistent sales, the full-service package includes Amazon channel management, listing optimization, advertising management, and launch strategies. Additionally, they provide coaching and SOP development for brands looking to improve their internal processes.

The Small World of E-commerce:
Jeff shares an intriguing anecdote about meeting Reggie Young, who had previously been a customer of Turnkey Product Management. The story highlights the interconnectedness of the e-commerce community and the importance of strong networking ties.

In this blog post, we explored Jeff Lieber’s journey from an Amazon seller to the CEO of Turnkey Product Management. Jeff’s emphasis on networking, partnerships, and the implementation of SOPs offers valuable insights for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking to build an agency or scale your own brand, investing in relationships and effective procedures can be the key to success in the e-commerce world. Happy selling!

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