Episode 99: Overcoming Amazon Seller Support Issues with Seller Candy

Why Is Amazon Seller Support So Frustrating?

Selling on Amazon has some challenges, especially when dealing with seller support. Long wait times, inconsistent or unhelpful answers, and policies that restrict your ability to edit listings can leave sellers frustrated and losing sales. 

To help sellers optimize their time and focus on growing their business, we spoke with Arvin Teano, Chief Delivery Officer at Seller Candy, on the Amazon Playbook podcast. Seller Candy offers dedicated account managers to handle seller support issues so sellers don’t have to. 
Key Takeaways:
Be sure to thoroughly troubleshoot issues yourself before contacting seller support. Follow all the steps they recommend. This shows you’ve done your diligence when you do need to
get the issue resolved.
The top problems Seller Candy helps resolve are restricted listings, buy box issues, updating listings and brand registry, inventory discrepancies, and reimbursements.
Seller Candy managers have experience working for Amazon seller support. They know workarounds and can get issues properly escalated and resolved.
Using Seller Candy frees up sellers’ time to focus on critical business priorities rather than spend a lot of time communicating with seller support.
Seller Candy handles issues for both Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts. They
can be given access to all or part of the seller’s account based on the seller’s comfort levels.
Flat files are key to managing listings but can damage your account if misused. 90% of Seller Candy’s work involves expertise in properly using flat files. 
No seller wants to waste time battling seller support. Check out SellerCandy.com to see if their team of Amazon experts can help resolve your seller support headaches.
Allow Seller Candys team of experts handle your seller support
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