Episode 8: How to Make Simple and Inexpensive Product Videos – Playbook for Amazon

Product Videos are becoming more and more important when it comes to converting customers on your sales pages,  and if you aren’t utilizing it yet it’s time to make it a priority!

In this episode of Playbook for Amazon, Jeff discusses product videos that sell! There are 3 different types of videos you can create with any budget: Do it yourself, slideshow video, and commercial grade videos. Take a second to think about where you are in your business and what kind of videos you need for content. Then take action and add a video to your listing this week!


Minute Markers: 

The many uses of videos- 1:34

How to make a Do it Yourself Video- 3:05

Slideshow Video- 5:56

Softwares to Create Video- 9:40

Hiring a Professional- 10:05

Commercial Grade Video- 12:16 

Getting ALL the shots- 14:21

Tell a story with your shots- 17:00

Why it might be better to put up a DIY video first- 21:15

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