Episode 41: Amazon Sales Trends Post Coronavirus: Interview with Greg Mercer from Jungle Scout


Most every Amazon seller uses Jungle Scout, and today Jeff is chatting with Jungle Scout founder, Greg Mercer. They discuss Greg’s unique background that led him to Amazon, how the idea of Jungle Scout came to be, sales info for how Amazon is faring during the pandemic, and overall tips and insights for thriving in 2020.

Minute Markers: 

2:00- Greg’s background

4:45- Is Greg still selling on Amazon

5:45- When did Greg make the leap from corporate life to Amazon

6:50- What can brands be doing right now during the pandemic

9:45- How are sales looking on Amazon right now?

11:15- How are brands handling using Amazon as a new sales channel

12:28- Ideas of expanding product catalogue

13:52- Where is Jungle Scout going?

15:55- How to does Jungle Scout keep up?

17:26- Greg’s nonprofit work (Doctor’s without Borders, Pencils of Promise)

18:45- Common bond with Jeff and Greg (SHINGLES!)

20:20- How to grow on Amazon in 2020

23:05- How he’s approached building his team

25:02- What would he say was the secret to his success

Show Notes: 

Jungle Scout Blog

YouTube Channel




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