Episode 38: Coronavirus Amazon Update: Jeff Lieber and Max Kerwick Give Sellers The Latest

Today, Max Kerwick from Brand Builder Podcast is here chatting with me about the Coronavirus impact on Sellers, our best tips for building your brand during a pandemic, and more. This is for anyone stressed about surviving this crazy time. If you do it right, it can actually be a wake up call for your business and you can end up stronger than ever.

Minute Markers: 

4:35- What’s going on with the shipping delays for Amazon

6:30- Why you need to take FAST ACTION and repositioning your messaging

8:15- Why it’s an exciting time to be a small company?

9:25- Can you launch new products that would benefit your customers during this time?

10:29- How we advise sellers to work through shipping restrictions

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14:15- Questions to ask when looking for a third party fulfillment center

17:18- What if your product is not as relevant to the needs of the world right now?

21:15- What is the role of brands during the Pandemic?

22:05- Max’s client reactions to this unprecedented time

27:05- Recommendations for people looking to set themselves up for success online and on Amazon

29:15- What will buying behavior look like?

32:33- Opportunity for Creativity as a business owner

34:16- Should you customize copy for the time of the Pandemic?

35:20- How can you think outside the box to reach your community and customers?

Reach out to Max: max@brandbuilderstrategy.com

Check out our constantly updated Coronavirus Survival Guide: www.turnkeyproductmanagement.com/corona

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