Episode 69: What’s New on Amazon January 2022 with Jenna

Branding is not just important for celebrities or big corporations. Small businesses also need to understand how to brand themselves. But where do entrepreneurs and small business owners go for tips on branding if they’ve never thought about it before?

Note the same packaging is displayed in the background the same way, and the product lighting and reflection is done the same way across all product line.

Branding consistency allows the viewer to know with certainty and without any effort on their part, that the displayed products are not only from the same brand but promise the same quality experience.

What is the best way to create brand consistency?

  • Create Brand Guidelines
  • Make sure everyone you work with is looped in on these guidelines
  • Make sure that these guidelines are consistent everywhere! Not just on your website or social media.

The best way to get a forever customer through Amazon is to have this brand consistency, take advantage of it now as Amazon gives you the tools!

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