Episode 68: What’s New on Amazon December 2021 with Jenna

Even with a smooth, successful year under your business’ belt, the transition between one year and the next can be a roadblock to continuing your momentum of success. 

What’s the best way to adapt your Q4 advertising strategy for Q1?

The thrill of increased revenue in Q4 can be exhilarating! It’s easy for sellers to enjoy the rewards of their labor leading up to this time of year. But it is just as easy to forget that the chaos of Q4 does not last all year. Therefore, you need a strategy heading into January for Q1. The sales velocity of products and prices changes when Q1 starts, and you need to be prepped and ready for the holiday aftermath.

Here are some options we would recommend for the post-holidays season:

  • Start planning your January inventory now, there will still be delays at the Amazon warehouses 
  • Make a plan to take down holiday content if you implemented any like your holiday storefront or holiday A+ Content, by January 1st this should all be switched over 
  • Make a plan to build off of the additional traffic you got the last two months:
    • Don’t skip requesting a review, more sales increases the chances of a review  
    • Did you use a review funnel? Make sure you are following up with those emails 
    • Did you get extra storefront followers? Make sure you use customer engagements or check to see if you are now eligible 
    • Did the influx of sales get you new lightning deal options? Make sure to check the deals tab 
    • Did you plug Amazon Attribution links into any external marketing efforts? Make sure you check those stats 
    • Did you run any holiday specific campaigns? Make sure you pause those campaigns but keep them in your campaign manager for next year


  • 1:35 – Start planning your January inventory now!
  • 2:08 – Make a plan to take down holiday content
  • 2:40 – Make a plan to build off of the additional traffic you got for November and December.
  • 7:55 – If you are in the health space this is your Q4!

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