Episode 67: What’s New on Amazon November 2021 with Jenna

Are you ready for the Amazon Q4 rush? Don’t miss out on the lucrative holiday season by waiting until the last minute. Take the time to do it now. Fortunately, we’ve got some great tips to help you get started!

How to Achieve a Successful Q4 in 2021

To capitalize on the opportunities that Q4 provides, Amazon businesses must prepare for it throughout the entire year. We’ve created a list of essential things sellers need to do prior to Amazon Q4.

Plan ahead

Preparations for the fourth quarter should take place all year round. Summer is an excellent time to reach out to suppliers and strengthen your relationships. There have been many disruptions in the supply chain over the past year due to Covid-19 and the difficulties it created. It’s good to have plan B: sellers who’re constantly sourcing for suppliers will never run out of inventory.


If there is one thing sellers agree on, it is that you should never run out of items on Amazon. This is especially important in Q4 when sales, interest, and competition are high. It is highly recommended to obtain the top software and automation tools to maintain control over inventory management. Still finding the balance can be tough, especially with so many unexpected disruptions within the supply chain.

Optimize product listings

Once you’ve chalked out a plan and ensured you have enough supply, you need to work on your listings. Go through all your listings and make sure you’re targeting the right keywords. Check your product photographs and descriptions and run A/B tests to find out how to drive clicks and conversions before Q4.

Competitive Pricing

During Amazon Q4, competition for the Buy Box is fierce, and while the marketplace has never openly stated that price is the determining factor in whether you end up in the Buy Box or not, this is indeed the case. Pursuing aggressive pricing strategies will not truly allow you to maximize your profits. Combined with factors such as seller ratings, customer satisfaction, the number/frequency of sales, pricing plays a vital role in determining a recommended seller for a certain product.

Takeaway Message

Q4 is the most exciting season for an Amazon seller. With over 120 million products listed on Amazon, it can get pretty stressful trying to stand out. While you prepare for this holiday season, don’t forget to spread the holiday spirit. Spend time with your loved ones and happy selling!

  • 1:18 – Top strategies that you want to roll-out this Q4
  • 6:24 – Top items that you need to keep an eye out for in terms of stats
  • 8:27 – Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • 10:20 – New PPC features this Q4
  • 12:30 – Transition from Q4 to Q1

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