Episode 65: What’s New on Amazon October 2021 with Jenna

To create more room for your products as we approach the holiday season, we’ve made changes to automated inventory removal.

Automated removal of aged inventory can help you save on long-term storage fees and improve your Inventory Performance Index score. It also frees up space in our fulfillment centers for more of your popular inventory.

We’ve expanded the scope of automated removal of aged inventory and added a value-recovery option. The following inventory can be removed automatically:

  • Units that are in fulfillment centers for more than 365 days and that are subject to long-term storage fees
  • Units of ASINs that haven’t sold in six or more consecutive months and that have been in fulfillment centers for more than 180 days

You can recover value from these units through liquidation. With our newest value-recovery option, products are liquidated through a wholesale liquidator. The net recovery value of liquidated products is then transferred to your account. For more information, go to FBA Liquidations.

To have your inventory returned to you, go to Automated fulfillable inventory settings and provide a valid return address. You can also choose to have your inventory automatically donated, recycled, or disposed of.

For more information about removals, go to Automated fulfillable inventory removal.

To view your aged inventory, go to Manage Inventory Health.

Send inventory for your deals and discounts in time for the holidays

To avoid running out of stock for your deals and discounts during the holiday season, make sure that your inventory arrives at fulfillment centers by these dates:

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday: November 15, with inventory ready to ship by mid-October
  • Christmas: December 11, with inventory ready to ship by early November

New Shipping Automation tool 

This tool helps you ensure accuracy in the delivery times you communicate to your buyers. You no longer need to manually calculate shipping time to each region because the tool automatically calculates deliver time using:

  • The location of your warehouse(s), The buyer’s address and Up-to-date data from the carriers of your choice

To start using Shipping Settings Automation, go to Shipping Settings in your existing shipping template, or create a new shipping template.

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