Episode 46: How to Be Proactive with Amazon Counterfeiters and Hijackers

Hijackers and Counterfeiters are a BIG issue for sellers. Jenna and Amanda are sharing TurnKey’s best tips for combatting these issues and how to be proactive in the face of losing the buybox. Minute Markers: 1:10- The problem with counterfeiters and listing hijackers 2:31- TurnKey’s approach to hijackers 4:15- What role does brand registry play in helping in this area?

Episode 45: Optimize Your Amazon Listing for Mobile

Today, Jeff is talking about optimizing your listing for mobile. Many sellers who make their listings on a standard computer don’t consider looking at how the listing appears on mobile. And given that a majority of Amazon sales are coming from phone purchases, this is a huge missed opportunity. Take a listen to what you should be looking for on

Episode 44: Are you and your team keeping up with PPC updates? with Jenna and Nolan

Today we’re chatting about Amazon PPC? PPC is the #1 struggle we hear from sellers, as they feel like they don’t know what they are doing and they are wasting money in the process. Jenna is chatting with TurnKey’s Amazon PPC expert, Nolan Rakow, all about what’s new with PPC, how to test out new features, and his recommendations for

Episode 43: Jenna interview with Danny Carlson about A+ Content and Amazon Storefronts

Today Jenna is talking with Amazon mogul Danny Carlson. Danny is a pro seller himself and also helps others to optimize their listings on Amazon. He also shares about his near death experience that drastically changed his life plans. They cover how to endure the pandemic, A+ Content, and Amazon Storefront. Check it out! Minute Markers: 1:30- Danny’s near death

Episode 42: What’s New on Amazon? What you NEED to Know About Autoresponders

In today’s episode, Jenna is covering everything you need to know about autoresponders and updates Amazon has made with in their autoresponder policies. Do you have an autoresponder in place on Amazon? If you do, make sure you are following the rules! Minute Markers:  :45- Changes in Autoresponder TOS 1:00- What are autoresponders 1:40- What happens if you break the

Podcast Episode 40 : What’s New on Amazon May 2020 with Jenna

Today we are hearing from Jenna about what’s been going on with Amazon in the past month. Crazy times for sellers around the globe, but we are here to help! Minute Markers: 0:24 – 1:29 – New Repeat Buyer Analytics on Amazon 1:29 – 2:02 – What To Do With This New Information 2:03 – 3:03 – Amazon Storefront (Expressing

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