Maximizing Post-Prime Day Success: Tips for Continued Growth and Preparation for Q4

Don't Miss Out on These Post-Prime Day Secrets

Prime Day, the much-awaited annual shopping extravaganza, has come and gone, leaving sellers with a surge of traffic and orders. As an Amazon seller, it’s crucial to capitalize on this momentum and make the most of the influx of customers. In this blog post, we’ll explore essential strategies to leverage the Prime Day success, including requesting reviews, optimizing your review funnel, running regular promotions, engaging with customers, and introducing a new promotional tool, Brand Tailored Promotions. Moreover, we’ll also discuss the significance of reflecting on Prime Day’s performance to prepare effectively for the upcoming major shopping days in Q4, such as Prime Fall Event, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.
Requesting Reviews: The Key to Post-Prime Day Success
No matter the time of year, requesting reviews from customers is essential for building credibility and driving future sales. However, after Prime Day, when there’s an increase in shoppers, it becomes even more critical to seek reviews actively. Learn why this strategy is vital for your long-term success and how to approach it effectively.
Amazon Prime Day Success
Optimizing Your Review Funnel for Sustainable Growth
For sellers with a review funnel, optimizing it is a game-changer. Discover the power of welcome emails and value-added sequences, tailored to the type of products you sell. Uncover effective strategies for supplement and kids’ product sellers, such as health and wellness content or parenting videos, to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.
Embracing Regular Promotions: Coupons, Lightning Deals, and More
Now that Prime Day is over, it’s time to resume regular promotions. Delve into the different types of promotions you can run, from coupon clippings to lightning deals and best deals. Uncover the potential of subscribe and save coupons for subscription products and learn how to set them up for success.
Customer Engagements: Keeping the Momentum Going
With the influx of traffic during Prime Day, you likely gained new store followers and potential customers. Learn how to set up effective customer engagement campaigns to nurture these relationships, bring customers back to your store, and boost your sales. Discover the optimal frequency for customer engagements based on your catalog size.
Prime Day Discount

Introducing Brand Tailored Promotions: The Future of Discounts
Post-Prime Day has brought us a new promotional tool called Brand Tailored Promotions. Dive into this beta program that offers exclusive discounts for past and prospective Amazon customers. Learn how to leverage this tool to increase brand loyalty, bring back past customers, and entice new ones. 
Preparing for Q4: Reflecting on Prime Day for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Success
As we approach Q4, it’s time to reflect on your Prime Day strategies and apply successful tactics to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Discover the importance of early preparation and how to work on your marketing materials, customer engagements, and Amazon posts to make the most of these major shopping days. 
Navigating Inventory Challenges for Q4
One of the most critical aspects of Q4 preparation is managing your inventory effectively. Get insights into how to handle inventory shipments for Prime Fall Event, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, taking into account lead times and inventory cutoffs to ensure a smooth and successful Q4.
Post-Prime Day success hinges on capitalizing on the increased traffic and orders. Requesting reviews, optimizing your review funnel, running regular promotions, and engaging with customers are crucial strategies for continued growth. Additionally, the introduction of Brand Tailored Promotions opens up new opportunities for discounts and customer retention. As we prepare for Q4, it’s essential to reflect on Prime Day’s performance and prepare in advance for upcoming major shopping events. With these strategies in place, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of the holiday season and achieve long-term success as an Amazon seller.
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