Episode 81: August 2022 What’s New on Amazon

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Post

In this week’s episode, Krista Rinehart, one of Turnkey’s Client Managers, talks about the basic hacks to growing brand awareness and sales through Amazon posts.

Why should you use Amazon Posts?

Amazon posts provides an excellent platform for sellers to not only promote their products, but to also share engaging content that tells their brand story. This is a great way to showcase customer photos and build social proof.        

Amazon posts are essentially a mini Instagram on Amazon. Sellers can find it in their storefront, on their own listing, and sometimes on their competitors’ listing. Here is what it looks like:

Before sellers begin creating their post, make sure they check the following requirements:

  1. Image size: 640 x 320 px or larger
  2. Aspect ratio: Between 1:2 and 2:1
  3. File format: JPG or PNG
    Color format: RGB

Also consider the following when designing Amazon Post.

  1. Lifestyle Images
  2. Strong Captions
  3. Tag Multiple Products
  4. Instagram Content

The primary objective here is to increase customer retention with their Amazon brand followers. By creating Amazon Posts now, they can develop their brand loyalists and be in a better position to manage their customer engagement with Amazon.

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