Episode 96: Big Amazon Seller Updates You Need to Know!

The Small & Light Program is Ending!

The Amazon Small & Light program is shutting down on 8/28/2023. I know, major bummer!  But wait, it’s not all bad news…

Low Price FBA to the Rescue
Introducing the new Low Price FBA rate for items under $10! No more weight/size rules – this opens up reduced fees for way more sellers! Time to celebrate and see if your products qualify.
Holiday Deadline Dates
The 2023 holidays will be here so fast it’ll make your head spin! 😵‍💫
 Here are the can’t-miss deadlines:
    8/18/2023:   Top Deal submissions due for BF & Cyber Mon!
    9/1/2023:      Apply for Lightning Deals!
    9/14/2023:    Last day to ship for Prime Fall deals!
    10/19/2023:  Final ship date for BF & CM!

No snoozing on these dates! Set your reminders and let’s get planning!

Prime Fall Event Details
The tea is that Amazon is brewing up a special Prime-only event in October 2023! This will feature large discounts and deals to drive major sales before the holiday rush! Don’t miss out!
Tips to Conquer Amazon in Aug
– Review inventory & prices before holiday chaos
– Submit Lightning Deals apps ASAP
– See if your products qualify for new low rates! 
– Use Prime Fall deals to gain momentum!
– Call us if you need help preparing!
With smart planning, you can absolutely crush Q4 this year! Let’s do this! 
Have our team of experts help take your sales to the next level for Q4 this year. Schedule a call now.
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