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One thing our team has seen consistently is that Amazon has always struggled with products that have an expiration date. 

For years now this has been a big source of frustration causing terrible customer service issues and a big headache for brands selling on Amazon. 

According to a new update, it appears Amazon has finally heard sellers out and is updating their platform to be more accommodating to those that have products with an expiration date. Here are the changes: 

  • Label Changes: We will update attribute labels to provide consistency across all marketplaces. This will minimize confusion about what the attribute is asking and allow you to answer the questions with confidence.
  • Requirement Changes: We will update the required conditions for IEDP, PET, and Shelf Life. You will be required to answer IEDP with “Yes” or “No.” In cases where IEDP is answered as “Yes,” PET and Shelf Life will also be mandatory to be answered.
  • Answer Format: We will update each answer format by replacing open text cells with drop-down menus and standardized answer formats in order to avoid confusion.
  • Tool tips: We will update “tool tips” to give a clear definition for each attribute and provide additional context for better understanding.
  • Attribute Location: We are moving the attribute locations in Seller Central to group the expiration attributes together. Previously, expiration attributes were found in different parts of the attribute templates and creation paths, depending on the Product Type.
  • These changes will only apply to new products listed but should provide some new relief in a space that needs it on Amazon! 

We will keep you guys updated as Amazon continues to cause further issues in this area. 

If you have questions about this update, please reach out to our team by heading to!

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