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Congratulations on surviving the wildest year when it comes to being an e-commerce seller. The worldwide pandemic of 2020 has impacted every facet of our lives, and shopping trends are no exception. Whether you’re new to Amazon this year or you’re a long-time seller, you undoubtedly faced some new challenges selling on this platform, and we want to congratulate you for coming out the other side. 

Our clients have told us again and again how glad they have been to have an expert on their team to help them navigate these uncharted waters. Whether it’s helping resolve shipping and fulfillment issues, or restrategizing with brands whose products are no longer essential, or testing out new strategies to help increase sales, we’ve been with our clients every step of the way, and they are all set up for killer success in 2021. 

Let’s run through some of our top client wins for the year. As I mentioned before, fulfillment became a huge issue, as Amazon warehouses were limiting inventory shipments and manufacturers faced unexpected delays. We helped our clients who were previously FBA to set up FBM listings temporarily so that their items were still available to customers. This kept their brand in good standing with Amazon and kept sales much more consistent. 

Another huge hurdle were brands that had products that were no longer in demand. We manage listings for a gym-based fitness company, and once gyms shut down, their sales were in trouble. Very quickly, we helped them to pivot and create some new at-home workout products that were welcomed by their existing customer base AND new customers. Their sales were able to endure the shutdown, and they’re better off than ever. 

Have you tried DSP ads for your brand? This year we’ve seen incredible results coupling PPC and DSP ads on Amazon and we’ve learned so much implementing these ads for our clients. Especially for clients with consumable products that have a repurchasing component, or if you’re looking to target competitor customers, DSP ads have offered new opportunities for brands to get in front of the right audience. One of our supplement clients came to us doing $300k/month, and in 90-days with the addition of listing optimization, proper PPC management, and DSP ads, they reached $1,000,000/month in sales! If you haven’t tried out DSP ads yet, we’d love to talk to you about it to see if you’re a good fit

Our hearts go out to the businesses that have struggled or gone under during the past year. It’s been brutal to watch small businesses suffer. If that’s you or someone you know, online sales on a platform like Amazon is truly the place to be and if you’re looking to pivot your business or strengthen your presence on Amazon, we want to help you do just that in 2021. 

We feel fortunate to have helped our clients endure and thrive during 2020 and we are excited about 2021. Join us as we make this our best year ever on Amazon! Happy Holidays!

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