Are You Using the Right Keywords?

How important is keyword research in your business? Surprisingly, many sellers we talk to don’t put much effort into conducting keyword research, and even if they conduct some level of research, they are not strategic enough about how they use the words. Don’t let that research go to waste, and make the most of your keyword research.

Choosing a Keyword Research Platform

Have you ever tried using Helium10? There are several tools you can choose from if you visit their website, but if you’re looking for an all-in-one software to do market research, gather customer data, and optimize product listings, this will be your best friend. Merchant Words is also great for their user-friendly interface and options for sellers at every level.

Front End Keywords

To begin with, focus on finding front end keywords. Keywords on the actual listing are really important for not only ranking, but for appealing to the right customer. For front end keywords, we are looking for low risk keywords, or keywords that explain your product directly. These are the most likely words customers would type in to find your product. 

Long-Tail Keywords

Once we have found the top front end keywords, then we expand from there and start to look for long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is essentially a keyword phrase that will explain the product a little further and might also be commonly searched for (ie… leather backpack, all in one cooler, etc…).  Even when we are looking for long tail keywords, we want them to be direct and connect with the products. It does not good to show up on keyword searches and be among a list of products that are completely unrelated to yours.  

Back End Keywords

Now let’s address the backend keywords. For all the keywords that don’t really have a place in your listing but are high ranking for the niche, you definitely want to include them in the backend of your listing. This second place for keywords also ensures that you don’t feel forced to clutter up your listings with every single keyword that looks appealing, but you can rest assured, your listing will still pull up when those words are queried. 

Competitor & Branded Keywords

Our final tip is to also find competitor keywords, as well as branded keywords. If you sell a coffee product, make sure that if someone is on Amazon looking for Starbucks, you show up because Starbucks is included in your keywords. These competitor keywords are going to be put in the backend, as you never want to misrepresent your product or your brand with competitor names that are not actually tied to your product. Keywords are not just for optimizing your listing. Doing proper keyword research will give you information to not only build out your listings and backend search terms, but it will also help you plan out your PPC campaigns. At TurnKey Product Management we help our clients to not only perform keyword research, but DO SOMETHING with those keywords, and accelerate their sales on Amazon. If you are in need of more support on Amazon or with keyword research, feel free to reach out and we’d love to chat with you.

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