Listing Image Checklist: Let Your Images Do the Talking

Studies have shown that consumers would much rather look at images than read through long paragraphs of copy. As customers on Amazon, we subconsciously purchase what appeals to our eye. Let’s admit it, we’ve all taken a look at a product and said to ourselves “ this looks fake or like a scam”. We should keep this “customer mentality” in mind when listing a product. That means that the images on your product listings on Amazon need to be as clear, concise, and appealing as possible.

Amazon, of course, has their own guidelines for images in their TOS.  You can find the break down of all the basics for both the main product and support images. Their guidelines provide basic prohibitions such as no profanity,  blurry images, unprofessional shots, etc. They also provide basic rules on how to properly format images. Seems like common sense, right? 

While these guidelines are great, they do not tell us everything we need to know about what makes an image successful with our customers. As sellers, we need to know what images are going to make a difference in the listing.

Consider your audience

Take some time to think about how your customers would like to see your product captured, as well as the different occasions that it will be used. Once you have made that list, you now have different ideas of not only product images but also lifestyle images that’ll set your listing apart from your competitors.

Hire a professional photographer

Your images should always appear professional and not look as if it was taken on your phone. Hiring a photographer can go a long way toward giving your product legitimacy. Product images are NOT a place where you want to cut corners. Consider using a freelance website like or bartering with an up and coming photographer if your budget is tight.

Keep it simple

As a basic rule of thumb, the main image should be a high-quality product image with a plain white background that displays exactly what the product is. It’s always a great addition to show the packaging so that your customers will know exactly what to expect when purchasing your product.  We’ve included an example of an excellent packaging image below: 

Use every image slot

Amazon provides sellers with a nine-image block to fill with product images. This means you have nine opportunities to display your product in different ways and inform potential buyers about the product.
In these images, the product should be displayed in every angle.  Utilize lifestyle images, infographics, social proof, instructions, unique benefits, and key features to fill your nine available blocks.

Be creative

Your images should paint a picture of how your product will fit into the customer’s life. The customer should be able to feel as if they can put themselves directly in the picture or at least feel that the product will work for them. 

Don’t forget your brand

Give your images an extra spark by including your logo in the bottom right corner as well as taglines on your lifestyle images! Let your customers know who you are.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about how to optimize your images on Amazon, apply now to find out which services you need to perfect your listing.

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