5 Areas to Outsource in your Amazon FBA Business

If you’re an Amazon FBA business entrepreneur and you’ve managed to create a brand and a community that continues to grow, it will eventually become the case where you can’t do it all and do it all well.

That’s not to sound harsh; it’s just the reality many entrepreneurs face, whether in retail or the e-commerce space. While you’ve likely spent countless hours creating, marketing, and selling, it comes to a point where things can fall apart if you don’t start to outsource some critical tasks.

We’ll dive into the top five areas you can outsource in your Amazon FBA business so you can leverage your time, focus on your skillset, and get a little bit of your personal life back. 

What Does it Mean to ‘Outsource?’

Great question, and if you’re newer to the Amazon FBA business world, don’t feel left in the dark about outsourcing. It’s natural to not know all the common terms in an Amazon FBA business, so try to remember there is a learning curve.

Outsourcing means hiring out tasks outside of your Amazon FBA business that you no longer have time for or that are not your forte.

Outsourcing can range in small or large tasks from accounting, social media, copywriting, design, business strategy, marketing, anything that you need to hire to see your Amazon FBA business grow successfully.

If you’re wondering when it’s a good time to start to outsource some of the tasks in your Amazon FBA business, here are a few examples:

  • Standard operating procedures start to get missed, and mistakes begin to compound
  • You feel personally overwhelmed and begin to retreat from your Amazon FBA business goals
  • You begin to lack innovation because you become task saturated

Some of these experiences happen from time to time in any entrepreneurial journey. Still, it’s important to recognize when outsourcing is required so your Amazon FBA business can continue to grow.

#1 Amazon FBA Product Management

According to Huff Post and Forbes, 90% of e-commerce businesses fail within the first three months. A main reason for failure is a lack of online marketing performance. On amazon, marketing is everything to your Amazon FBA business, as it helps encourage healthy visibility. Without proper marketing, your business may be at risk of adequate exposure.

For some of you, managing the entire scope of your Amazon FBA business and creating a healthy marketing strategy may be too much to tackle if:

  • You lack experience selling on Amazon
  • Have another demanding career
  • Amazon doesn’t interest you, but you view it as another income stream

A good full-service Amazon FBA product management service should offer a range of options to fully list and manage your Amazon FBA business’s products from start to finish.

Examples of what areas a reliable Amazon FBA product management service can do for you:

  • Amazon FBA seller account creation
  • Amazon FBA listing creation
  • Profit margin calculations and price point determination
  • Full Amazon FBA business navigation

Essentially, your Amazon FBA product and business management are in the hands of a trusted service provider, leaving you with the time and ability to focus on other goals. This is what we call outsourcing at its finest!

#2 Outsource your PPC to Gain Better Visibility

A second reason an Amazon FBA business may fail is due to inadequacy in visibility. Without effective marketing and proper implementation of pay-per-click advertising, it becomes difficult for your products to receive the attention they deserve.

Pay-per-click advertising on Amazon can be an expensive and frustrating battle, and if you’re looking to outsource anything in your Amazon FBA business, ppc is a great place to start.

Outsourcing PPC means a service provider is on top of Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising trends. A PPC service provider should understand how to appropriately drive traffic to your Amazon listing while maintaining budgets that suit your Amazon FBA business needs. 

As an Amazon FBA business develops, often, PPC gets put last on the to-do list. But, even as you grow your organic ranking, a long-term PPC strategy will help you find longer-term success. Outsourcing Amazon ppc is a great way to achieve success in visibility. 

#3 Social Media and Content Creation

Bill gates coined the expression ‘Content is King’ for a reason. 

In this day and age, an e-commerce business needs a social presence to stay relevant, build community and authority, and an Amazon FBA business is no exception. While some may argue certain Amazon products don’t require content generation, a brand itself always needs content, so look to the bigger picture in your content creation journey.

If you’re unable to create consistent and engaging content, or you have no content at all, it may be a good idea to look into outsourcing this component of your Amazon FBA business.

Look for services such as:

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand Bloggers

Content helps drive traffic from several sources to not only your website but your Amazon listing and is a vital area to outsource, typically sooner than later.

#4 Amazon FBA Reimbursement Outsourcing

Money, money money. Three words Amazon sellers love to hate. Without cash flow, an Amazon FBA business cannot grow, and for many Amazon sellers, big or small, cash flow is a massive problem in the scaling phase.

An Amazon FBA reimbursement is the recovery of funds owed to you by Amazon. FBA reimbursements include discrepancies from damaged inventory, lost, destroyed, disposed, or overcharges in Amazon FBA fees.

Some Amazon sellers attempt to tackle FBA reimbursements on their own. While they may think they are getting money back, sellers are often leaving money on the table. And, while virtual assistants or service providers may be able to assist with FBA reimbursements, it’s wise to choose a solution that focuses on maximum recovery. 

Amazon audits are, in fact, no joke, and making Amazon claims can be time-consuming and downright frustrating. Outsourcing FBA reimbursements can help recover the maximum funds you are eligible to receive. Often these solutions have specialized Amazon claim caseworkers to file these Amazon claims on your behalf.  

Ultra time-consuming tasks, like FBA reimbursements, should be the first you consider outsourcing. Because doing so can help you increase the cash flow in your Amazon FBA business.

#5 Hire Remote Workers in your Amazon FBA Business

Remote working has become the new norm especially considering the effects covid-19 has had on the world of business in 2020 and ongoing.

A remote workforce can alleviate much of the burden in your Amazon FBA business by allowing them to tackle tasks such as:

  • Product Sourcing
  • Inventory Planning
  • Freight and Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting Services

When hiring, be sure to take your time and ask as many questions as possible. Determine if the applicant has the qualifications your Amazon FBA business requires, contact references, and ask for samples before making your decision.

Relenting your Amazon seller account access is serious business, so ensure you’ve performed due diligence in your hiring process.

You can still build healthy professional relationships with a remote workforce, and with tools such as Zoom, a great team can be the outcome of your outsourcing efforts.


No Amazon FBA business that is scaling runs entirely with one person. Over time it will be necessary to outsource some of your most critical tasks so you can see your Amazon FBA business flourish. While there may be costs associated with outsourcing, the benefits, if implemented wisely, will far outweigh the costs.

What area of your Amazon FBA business have you outsourced? 

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