What’s New on Amazon: Autoresponders 2.0

Amazon has made some recent changes to autoresponders but that doesn’t mean we say goodbye to the basics! Last month, Amazon decided to scale back on providing customer information to third-party softwares. One example of this can be seen in Amazon eliminating customers’ names from autoresponder messages. This means that the third-party autoresponder softwares many sellers use are unable to populate the customer’s name. The result is that autoresponder emails have been going out without the customer’s name attached.

Although this is quite the change you can still rock the autoresponder game! Here’s how: 

Step One: Adjust your autoresponders accordingly! 

If you are using an autoresponder software (as all of you should be), make sure your autoresponders are up to date with this new rule. If you are unsure how this rule affects your autoresponders reach out to the third-party autoresponder software company you are using to see what adjustments you should make! 

Step Two: Keep to the basics! 

Just because Amazon eliminated the ability to personalize your messages, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to connect with your customers. Use your autoresponders to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Provide value (e-books and FAQ sheets are a great touch) and customer service to all of your customers! 

Step Three: Ask for the review! 

We are often asked by our clients if sellers are allowed to ask customers for reviews…OF COURSE YOU ARE! Don’t waste a great opportunity. Use your autoresponder to ask customers for reviews!

Step Four: Optimize your autoresponders! 

Seriously do not just leave your autoresponders running. Check your metrics and optimize them regularly to try to improve your messaging conversions. A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a great way to optimize your autoresponders. As a team we A/B test the following parts of our clients’ autoresponders:

  • Subject Lines 
  • Main Body Messaging 
  • Different value additions (as we mentioned earlier, e-books and FAQ sheets are our favorites) 

Now that you have the tools you need to overcome these new autoresponder obstacles, what are you waiting for? Go optimize your autoresponders today! 

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