Podcast Episode 59: John Lee Dumas on the steps to uncommon success

Today our guest is the legendary, John Lee Dumas. Host of the EO Fire podcast and wearer of many entrepreneurial hats, JLD has become a household mentor to entrepreneurs everywhere. Today we’re talking about his background, his path and tips for uncommon success, his podcast and work schedule, and his brand new book available for pre-order.

Minute Markers:

1:50- Background on JLD

5:09- How to manage profitable revenue streams

6:24- How to develop content if your services are not your content

9:30- What is JLD’s actual workload

13:00- How does JLD keep up his energy on long days?

14:30- JLD shares about his new book

17:00- One step common entrepreneurs miss out on

19:52- How to Pre-Order the book (and get the bonuses!)

21:55- How JLD got content to grow



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