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What’s New on Amazon: Holiday Return Window is Here and Sooner Than You Think

Quarter 4 is finally here and we hope it is off to a great start with Prime Day kicking off as of yesterday.  Now that it is Q4, it is important to keep the Q4 return window in mind because it does change during this time in order to accommodate customers.  With the addition of Prime Day, Amazon has made


What’s New on Amazon: It’s been announced… are you ready?

Prime Day has officially been announced!  This year Prime Day will be October 13th and 14th and the big question is… are you ready? Prime Day is the biggest day of the year for sellers so it is important that you are prepared and getting your products out there for your customers!  For Prime Day we suggest you do the


What’s New on Amazon: When was the last time you looked at your Amazon Storefront?

When was the last time you looked at your Amazon Storefront?  Your Amazon Storefront is a fun place to express your brand and give your customers more information on the product. With limited places to educate the customer, it is important that you take advantage of new opportunities that come from the Storefront.  Recently Amazon came out with a new

What’s New on Amazon: Let’s Get You Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

 Let’s Get You Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!   We are officially half-way through September, and can you even believe it?  As the days tick by, we get closer and closer to the largest shopping days of the year and we are sure you still have a ton of questions! What do I do with the inventory limits? How

What’s New on Amazon: New Addition to A/B Testing!

Have you ever wanted to run a split test on your listing but didn’t want to invest in a split testing software?  When it comes to split testing, there has always been one or two options. The first is investing in a split testing software which of course has a monthly charge that doesn’t fit into everyone’s bottom line. Then,

What’s New on Amazon: Are you looking to keep more of your hard-earned profits?

As brands on Amazon, you guys are used to the fees, it unfortunately apart of the territory. In order to sell on Amazon, you have to pay your referral fee, FBA fees, selling plan, and of course expenses like PPC just to name a few. For those of you selling on international marketplaces, those cross-border fees can really add up making