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What’s New on Amazon: Prime Day Countdown

By now you are probably already well aware that Prime Day is next Monday and Tuesday, July 15th and 16th! While Prime Day can be very overwhelming, don’t panic! Here are some tips on how to navigate the craziest shopping days of the year: Submit your promotional codes ahead of time!  Do not wait until the night before to submit your

What’s New on Amazon: Amazon TOS Enforcement

Don’t panic…just plan! Here’s what you need to know: Amazon officially announced that they will start enforcing their title rules on July 22nd. If a listing is currently breaking Amazon’s title rules the listing will be suppressed on July 22nd  What are Amazon’s title rules?  Glad you asked! There are TONS of rules but here are some important ones to keep in

What’s New on Amazon: Brand Analytics

Using Amazon Brand Analytics, brand registered sellers can take a deep dive into customer purchasing behavior using the three sections Amazon Search Terms, Item Comparison, and Demographics. Amazon Search Term Section With this feature, you are able to discover what products are winning the most clicks and conversions on search terms. This gives you the ability to, assess the impact

Is Seller Fulfilled Prime Right For You?

One of the greatest things about Amazon is how convenient it is. Who wants to drive to a store, find a parking spot, search for the correct aisle, only to discover that the item you’re looking for is not available in the size, color, or quantity they want? Amazon solves all of that. Not only do you have a world

Automate Amazon Product Reviews the Easy Way

This post was written by our friends at FeedbackWhiz for the TurnKey Success Blog   Getting product reviews doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With effective automated email marketing, you can make the emails do the hard work for you. To succeed on Amazon, you need to have a decent number of product reviews. Unfortunately, these are not easy

Resolving a Seller Central Account Suspension FAST!

You put your blood sweat and tears into crafting the perfect Amazon listing. Sales are on the rise and you’re feeling great. Selling on Amazon is the best! Then suddenly, seemingly out of the blue your listing gets suspended! Every minute that you’re unable to sell feels critical to your brand’s credibility and your business’ bottom line. You need to

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