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What’s New on Amazon: New Promo Type: 7-Day Deals

Your deals tab just got a lot better! Amazon announces the addition of 7-Day deals!  7-Day deals are similar to their counterpart Lightning Deals except they are WAY better! Are you eligible?  Here is what you need to know about 7-Day Deals:  What are 7-Day Deals? 7-Day Deal is a time-bound, promotional offer where an item is featured for up to 7 days

Motivation Monday: When to Hire an Expert

We hear from budget-strapped Amazon sellers every day, who feel like they are hemorrhaging money. They are desperate to get their sales up, and they don’t know how to do so on their own. They would love an Amazon Fairy to come and sprinkle some magic fairy dust on their listings and make their products sell! But they don’t have

What’s New on Amazon: Market Basket Analysis

We know we’ve been pushing brand analytics hard lately, but that’s because it is SUCH a valuable tool for your business and Amazon has been giving it a MAJOR overhaul! Using Amazon Brand Analytics, brand registered sellers can take a deep dive into customer purchasing behavior using the three sections Amazon Search Terms, Item Comparison, Demographics, and NOW Market Basket Analysis!  With

Increase Profits by Minimizing These 6 Amazon Selling Fees

This post was written by our friends at PingPong for the TurnKey Success Blog If you sell on Amazon, it can sometimes feel like there’s a different fee hiding around every corner. But what are sellers really paying for and why? Is it possible to pay less in fees and make more money on Amazon? Yes, it’s possible! The first

What’s New on Amazon: Advertise Your Coupon Clippings

Wow, we have big news for you this Wednesday!  Amazon will now officially let you advertise your coupon clippings!  Now, whenever you create a coupon clipping in Seller Central, Amazon will give you the option to create a Sponsored Products Campaign to advertise your coupon clipping.  How do you set them up? It is super easy!  First, set up your

What’s New on Amazon: Know the Ins & Outs of Your Storefront

Did you know you can track your storefront insights?!? It is so simple! If you are brand registered all you have to do is head to the “Manage Store” page and click on “View Insights”.  Here are some awesome items you can learn from your insights:  Views and Visitors  Top Sources of Traffic  Top Tags  Top Pages in your Storefront  Sales Numbers 

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