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9 Steps to Reaching Your Customers Through Social Media

This post was written by our friends at Nine Supply for the TurnKey Success Blog Every social media strategy should be as unique as the brand it represents. Approaches will vary based on what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, where you’re selling it, and of course, how much of a marketing budget you’re working with. A little planning can

What’s New on Amazon: Amazon’s Attribution Program is Here!

Have you been struggling to track your external ads to Amazon? Here’s your answer​! Amazon has added another tool to their arsenal, this time a tool that will help external advertisers track their external ads like Facebook and Google ads.  Using Amazon Attribution you will be able to track Amazon detail page views, purchase rate, and sales.  As you all know, Amazon

Ranking on Page One! Everything you need to know about Amazon’s A9 ranking algorithm

There’s a good chance you may have never heard of the A9 ranking algorithm on Amazon. But, it’s important that you do get in the know, so you can use it to benefit your listing’s traffic and sales growth. A9 is the proprietary search algorithm developed by Amazon and it has one job – answer search queries with products that

Are You Using the Right Keywords?

How important is keyword research in your business? Surprisingly, many sellers we talk to don’t put much effort into conducting keyword research, and even if they conduct some level of research, they are not strategic enough about how they use the words. Don’t let that research go to waste, and make the most of your keyword research. Choosing a Keyword

What’s New on Amazon: Introducing Amazon’s Outlet Deals

If you have excess inventory in Amazon’s warehouse, we’ve got a treat for you! Using Amazon’s Outlet deals you are able to turn your excess inventory in the FBA warehouses into an awesome sales opportunity. The special deals are Amazon-featured, limited-time, promotional offers displayed on the Amazon Outlet page.  To access the program, head to the “Manage Excess Inventory” page.

Holiday Prep: Make Your List & Check it TWICE!

Are you one of those last-minute shoppers who binge buys on Christmas Eve? Or do you have you had your shopping list all checked off since late August? The holiday season and end of Q4 are MAJOR opportunities for sellers to up their game and achieve their highest sales of the year (unless you sell boogie boards, then December is

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