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Amazon Client Manager Position

This individual would help us full-time with all of our Amazon client service-related work as a full-time Amazon Client Manager where you manage and lead our clients’ Amazon accounts.

Company Overview

Our company TurnKey Product Management is an Amazon consulting agency that helps companies sell their products on Amazon (through multiple services), the largest e-commerce platform.

This is the perfect time to join our company as we’re in the process of expanding our company from an Amazon only agency to becoming a full multi-channel e-ccomerce agency. We’re in the process of becoming a major player in the market.

We are looking for an Amazon Client Manager.-

What does an Amazon Client Manager do?

An Amazon Client Manager is responsible for completing all of the tasks that it takes to successfully set up and run a brand on Amazon. This includes conducting keyword research, competitor analysis, setting up product listings, implementing a variety of growth strategies (customer reviews, promotions, and giveaways, etc.), handling client communications, research and implementing the latest cutting-edge strategies, and more!

You will learn everything from start to finish on what it takes to be successful on the world’s largest e-commerce platform. You’ll start by shadowing and assisting Client Managers, and once you prove yourself, you can eventually be promoted to the Client Manager position where you will be assigned your own clients to manage and coach. We manage clients in every niche from coffee products, to yoga mats, to fish tanks, to grooming products to sunglasses, and more!

You’ll love the flexibility of the job, in addition to the million dollars worth of experience you’ll gain by learning the best practices in e-commerce sales and marketing. TurnKey has built great systems and processes for team members to excel at their job. The skills you will learn at TurnKey will be valuable in any field you move into in your career, but we are hoping that you’ll stay with us for a long time.

This is one of the most important roles in the company since you are setting up all of the pieces needed to run a successful Amazon brand.

Who is a good fit for this job?

Anyone who is detail-oriented, interested in building relationships, enjoys researching the latest cutting edge online strategies, and is genuinely excited to learn about the e-commerce industry. It requires you to be good at listening to clients’ needs, be a clear communicator, thinks quickly on your feet, and work well with other team members. This is a remote position, so the ability to work independently and effectively in that environment is an important factor (it’s also a huge perk working from home!)

What are the day-to-day responsibilities?
  • We provide full trainings on Amazon, marketing, and everything you’ll need to be successful in running an Amazon brand.
  • Setting up Amazon product listings, including performing keyword research, competitor analysis, implementing a wide variety of growth strategies, optimizing campaigns, and more
  • Conducting client calls and handling client communications
  • Optimizing and testing our current systems to increase the results of our efforts
  • Using different platforms to communicate with customers – social media, emails, etc.
  • Recommending strategies to customers based on their questions, requests, or comments
  • Improvising in situations that arise that were not previously outlined
  • Creating systems to help the company grow
  • Researching the latest strategies in e-commerce and online marketing
  • Taking on other tasks that are not mentioned here but help the company grow
  • The harder you work and the faster you learn, the quicker we will increase your pay and responsibility in the company
What are the job requirements?
  • Based in the USA
  • Fluent in English both verbally and written
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Have the ability to work effectively with a team
  • Prior experience in online marketing is a plus
  • Have the ability to prioritize and manage your time effectively
  • Show a hunger to learn and constantly improve at your job
  • Have the humility to acknowledge that you can always improve
  • Have the ability to remain professional and courteous at all times
  • Available to work 40 hours a week
  • No Amazon experience is needed for this position but it’s helpful if you do have some
What is the compensation?

This job has a base pay and a % commission on the clients that you help manage. The base pay is dependent on your experience.

As you take on more clients and your responsibility grows so will your pay.


Our company also offers benefits which will be available for all full-time employees. This includes medical, dental, vision, 80 hours of paid time off per year, 5 paid holidays per year, retirement benefits, and other benefits packages. 

In addition to this, we offer our team stipends that fall into two different categories: physical well being and fun/relaxation. 

We offer a monthly stipend  to go towards any physical activity to encourage our team to live a healthy lifestyle. This can be used for any physical activity such as a gym membership, yoga, any sports league, etc.

The other is an annual stipend that can be applied towards any relaxing or fun activity of your choice. This can be a spa day, a theme park, a nice meal out with friends/family, acupuncture, therapy, flights for a vacation, etc. It can be anything that you find relaxing and or fun! 

How To Apply For This Job:

To apply for this job email hiring@turnkeyproductmanagement.com with the subject line “Website – Amazon Client Manager – I’m A Hard Worker In [Name Of City You’re Living In]”.

In the email, start your 1st full sentence with “I am the right person for this job because…” and attach your resume to the email.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read through this job posting.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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